Villains – the New Heroes?


I love my bad guys. They are the most fun to write—their evil deeds flow effortlessly from my imagination. They are malicious, devious, merciless, and sadistic. But If I’m not careful, they begin to resemble cardboard cutouts in black hats and handlebar mustaches. While it is tempting to craft a character oozing with evil intentions and only despicable characteristics, there must be at least a kernel of humanity in him or her. Good literary villains must be imbued with their own desires, ordeals, personal demons, and credible motivations for their actions. All villains are the heroes of their own story, and with rare exceptions don’t consider themselves villains at all. Continue reading “Villains – the New Heroes?” »

What Makes Thriller Writers Tick


“What’s the best way to assassinate someone and make it look like an accident?” “How about poisons—which are undetectable in an autopsy?” In most circles, these types of questions would be cause for alarm—and notification of the authorities. Not so at Thrillerfest, the premiere writer’s conference for thriller writers where talk about death, murder, and conspiracies abound. There, I can share my ideas without anyone raising an eyebrow. The running joke is that our Google histories have landed us all on a watch list. Continue reading “What Makes Thriller Writers Tick” »