Are you a Panster or a Plotter?







At Thrillerfest 2012, I had the pleasure and honor to meet and hear from the best in the industry. A variety of topics were presented on the craft of writing including: Crafting a Story Outline, Finding Your Storytelling Voice, Creating Mind Blowing Twists, Creating Compelling and Complex Antagonists, as well as talks on plot, structure, publishing etc.* Weaved throughout all the discussions, was the running question – “Are you a pantser (write by the seat of your pants) or a plotter (make and follow a detailed outline). Continue reading “Are you a Panster or a Plotter?” »

Writing Advice: Take it or Toss it?

Thrillerfest Panel – Are you a Blue Blood? Portraying Accurate Police Work


Every July, I spend four days in New York with the best of the best in the thriller game. Last year was my fifth Thrillerfest conference, and once again, it was illuminating, informative, and inspirational. The hardest decision to make during those action packed days is what sessions to take when all the options are equally compelling. Continue reading “Writing Advice: Take it or Toss it?” »