“Filled with envy, deception, and power, it’s a great reading escape. And there is a thrilling twist at the end!!”

-Reese Witherspoon

“Wonderfully plausible, hypnotically compelling, and deliciously chilling and creepy – some of the best psychological suspense you’ll read this year.”

–Lee Child #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Jack Reacher novels

“From the get-go it’s clear that Amber Patterson is a conniving homewrecker, and that’s half the fun in this wicked debut thriller by sisters Lynne and Valerie Constantine. Jackson and Daphne Parrish, the glam couple in Amber’s crosshairs, don’t seem to stand a chance. But what happens will surprise you—and you’ll relish every diabolical turn.”


“A bravura performance.”

–The Sunday Times

“THE LAST MRS. PARRISH is an addictive and twisty debut.”

–Karin Slaughter New York Times and international bestseller

“A wonderfully clever story, filled with suspense, that kept me turning the pages and sitting back in shock at the clever twist.”

-Jane Green author of 17 New York Times bestsellers

“To the pantheon of Gone Girl-type bad girls you can now add Amber Patterson, the heroine of this devilishly ingenious debut thriller. . . The reader watches with shock and delight as Amber cold-bloodedly manipulates Daphne and Jackson and lays waste to anyone else who stands in her way. . . . To say any more would spoil all the twists that Constantine (the pseudonym of sisters Lynne and Valerie Constantine) has in store along the way to a surprising and entirely satisfying ending. Suffice it to say that readers would have to go back to the likes of Ira Levin’s A Kiss Before Dying or Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley to find as entertaining a depiction of a sociopathic monster.”

-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“With a plot equally as twisty, spellbinding, and addictive as Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl or Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train, this is sure to be a hit with suspense fans.”

-Library Journal (Starred Review)

“…these ladies definitely know the formula. A Gone Girl–esque confection with villainy and melodrama galore.”

-Kirkus (Starred Review)

“The twists keep coming in this psychological roller coaster from debut author Constantine, the pen name of sisters Lynne and Valerie Constantine. … this is a satisfying thriller that offers a window into the darker side of glamorous lives and powerful men.”


“Amber Patterson has big plans, and stealing Daphne Parrish’s husband is at the top of the list. If you like thrillers with an unexpected twist, this one’s for you.”

-New York Post-This Week’s Must Read Books

“(A) Haunting psychological debut…Engrossing”

-Real Simple

“(This) utterly irresistible novel is about a young woman named Amber Patterson, newly arrived in an ultra-rich town on Long Island Sound. The Last Mrs. Parrish pivots on an enormous and satisfying twist… the pages keep flying, flying, flying by.”

-USA Today

“A scheming young woman determined to be the ‘next Mrs. Parrish’ insinuates herself into the lives of golden Connecticut couple Jackson and Daphne Parrish”

-USA Today – Five Books Not to Miss this Week

“(It) will keep you up. In a ‘can’t put it down’ way. It’s “The Talented Mr. Ripley” with XX chromosomes.”

-The Skimm

“This deliciously naughty novel of psychological suspense is perfect for fans of Daphne du Maurier, L.S. Hinton and Jessica Knoll.”

-LitHub, “5 Crime Must-Reads Coming in October”

“This harrowing debut will have you turning pages in a hurry to find out what happens next.”

-Read it Forward

“This terrific, noir-steeped tale written by sisters that go by Liv Constantine actually owes more to Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley than it does to the likes of Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train…The twists, turns and mechanizations are a devilishly delicious delight. Kind of like the brilliant television show ‘Breaking Bad,’ where it’s hard to distinguish Dr. Frankenstein from the monster he created.”

-Providence Journal

“Fabulous. . . . I read this book in a flash, devouring every twisty delicious detail.”

-Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“…this is a pleasurably soap-opera-ish thriller from two sisters, Lynne and Valerie Constantine, who clearly had a good deal of fun putting this tale together.”

-The Seattle Review of Books

“Sisters Lynne and Valerie Constantine, writing as Liv Constantine, build momentum with short, cliffhanger chapters racing toward a satisfying denouement.”

-Shelf Awareness

“The Last Mrs. Parrish Nods to and Subverts the Classics with Aplomb…the story, as the cliché goes, kept me on the edge of my seat, resulting in a long sigh of catharsis as I closed the Kindle app. Ultimately, as a debut, The Last Mrs. Parrish is quite strong and makes a case for itself—the degree to which it flashes its willingness to play with the classics of the genre elevates it beyond the level of a Gone Girl-imitator.”


“One compulsive read. . . . It’s a terrific debut, and I look forward to seeing what the Constantine sisters do next!”

-Book Reporter

“Equal parts Gone Girl, Sleeping with the Enemy, and Single White Female, this psychological thriller about a con artist weaseling her way into the lives of the ultrarich had me booked from its opening line.”

-Canadian Living

“THE LAST MRS. PARRISH is a beautifully constructed set piece, an intricate narrative that doubles back and folds in on itself like a Mobius strip, revealing secret upon secret, and layer upon layer, with a seductive ‘just one more chapter’ urgency that will keep readers up all night. Giving new meaning to the adage ‘be careful what you wish for,’ THE LAST MRS. PARRISH proves that the worst that can happen just might be when you get what you want. Addictive!”

—Karen Dionne, author of The Marsh Kings Daughter

“The story is exquisitely entertaining and addictive…and will keep readers glued to each page until they finish it to the very end. This is a superb and salacious tale of betrayal that contains more than one villain and has so many delicious twists.”

-Carlisle Sentinel PA

“Gillian Flynn meets Joy Fielding in Liv Constantine’s The Last Mrs. Parrish. In an age of great antiheroines comes the most unlikeable one yet, the coldly devilish Amber Patterson. This thriller delivers the most satisfying endings since B.A Paris’s smash hit Behind Closed Doors—and a victorious romp of revenge.”

—Jenny Milchman, USA Today Bestselling author of Cover of Snow, Ruin Falls, and As Night Falls

“THE LAST MRS. PARRISH is an extraordinary debut and gripping psychological thriller that is full of unexpected twists. Readers will become obsessed with these chilling characters who pull you in and refuse to let go.”

—Sara Blaedel, Denmark’s award-winning internationally bestselling “Queen of Crime”


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