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Pen Pal Interview with Lisa Unger

Lynne Constantine: First of all, your book is AMAZING! I loved it so much that I didn’t want it to end. The characters were so well-drawn and the tension! So, for my first question: In THE STRANGER INSIDE, Rain struggles with what she sees as two conflicting desires: to be a good mother and to…

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Shakespeare Adored Rogue Women

Before suffragettes and feminism and Me Too, a man in the small market town of Stratford in England was creating strong female characters that rebelled against the limitations imposed upon them by men and society. They are most valuable studies in character development for the modern writer. Women like Lady Macbeth, Rosalind (As You Like…

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Author and Editor: A Perfect Partnership

After an author hits the last keystroke on the first draft of a new book, the real work begins. During the drafting stage, it’s just the author and the characters as a new world is built—word by word, page by page. Even as I breathe a sigh of relief when the story is finished, I…

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