Shakespeare Adored Rogue Women

Before suffragettes and feminism and Me Too, a man in the small market town of Stratford in England was creating strong female characters that rebelled against the limitations imposed upon them by men and society. They are most valuable studies in character development for the modern writer.

Women like Lady Macbeth, Rosalind (As You Like It) and Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing) might be the first ones that come to mind when we talk about strong Shakespeare women, but there are others who are every bit as empowered and independent. Here are some of those women and the traits that made then rogue.

Paulina (The Winter’s Tale)

Paulina is from the aristocracy of Sicily and a friend to King Leontes wife Hermione who is pregnant when the play opens. The King becomes irrationally paranoid, believing his wife is unfaithful and has her jailed. Paulina steps in to care for the new baby and console her friend, but also to admonish the king. For this act of defiance, Paulina could be put to death, but despite this, she continues to confront the king when he defames Hermoine. She stands firm in her beliefs with courage and fights for justice against a mighty power that could destroy her.

Imogen (Cymbeline)

Imogen is the master of her own fate. Her father, King Cymbeline of Britain, insists that she marry his new Queen’s vile son. Imogen refuses and secretly READ MORE

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